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Top Things To Know Before Renting A Storage Unit Facility To Store Your Belongings

You are moving your business to another town, and you have too much office equipment and supplies that you will not needs during the first few days when settling in the new premises. Perhaps, you may have sold your home but are not plan to move into a new place; therefore, you need somewhere safe and secure to keep your stuff for a short period.

Whether you need storage space for long-term or short-term purposes for your belonging, renting a unit is an excellent solution. Most of the storage facilities are easy to find, offer convenience, and are secure. They are available in different sizes and designed to provide different services that meet various needs and budgets.

What Options Are Available?
If you are in need of a storage unit, then you should look into the available options, in which case you will have two options:

•    Full-Service Storage
It is storage services where you do not have to stress over the delivery, sorting, and arrangement of the items you want to store. The provider will handle everything. You have to decide on the type of storage space you want, schedule a pick-up and return and rest assured your belongings are in secure hands. Such a service will save you from the hassle of handling things, and you also get documents showing pictures of your stored items and a full list of every item in the storage unit.

•    Self-storage
It is an option that is somewhat straightforward to understand, as the name suggests. It is the most popular option for many people since they love privacy. The units are safe and secure and can range from small spaces where you can keep boxed items to large ones that can houses vehicles. You are responsible for the delivery of the things you want to store, as well as their sorting, arranging, and documenting the items in the storage unit.

Full-Service vs. Self-Storage: Which One Should You Pick?
The self-storage unit is ideal if you are not planning on keeping an excessive number of things and much of the stuff is not heavy. It also works best if you have access to a vehicle that will help you deliver and pick the items when the need arises. The self-storage units are more affordable than the full-service storage facilities. However, the latter is the best option if you live in large urban areas where there is limited space. It is an ideal option if you are a city dweller living in a high-rise building and do not have the private and secure luxury of a storage unit in the building.

What Consider Before Renting A Storage Unit
Since the need for space is to store away things that you do not need but are of value to you, then you should ensure that the unit you pick will ensure that your belongings are safe and secure. Some of the critical factors to keep in mind when selecting the storage unit include:

1.    What You Are Storing
The storage units are available in an array of sizes, builds, and designs. You need to be clear on what you are to store in the unit so that you pick the best storage facility. For instance, a unit that is designed to house paperwork and boxes of books and files may not suffice to keep antiques or family heirlooms. What you need for your automobiles may not be ideal for your office or home appliances. Therefore, get specific about what you want to store so that you can pick the perfect storage unit.

2.    Size of the storage unit
If you know what it is you want to store away, then it will help you know the size of storage space you need. Keep in mind that you will spend more per month on a large unit than you would for the small one. But then again, a storage facility may look small but is indoor design makes its big enough to hold your belongings. However, you also cannot overrule the cost-effectiveness of a larger unit especially if you are in need of a long-term storage space where you will keep bringing in items over time.

3.    climate control
With climate controlled facilities, you can manage the temperatures within the unit to be within specific parameters. You thus will be able to manage the heat, cold, and humidity of the storage space and ensure your items stay in perfect condition. For instance, is the indoor climate is hot and dry, and the unit is holding furniture, the times are bound to crack, warp or split. Very humid conditions, on the other hand, lead to the development of mold mildew. As such, climate control ensure that you keep such things from happening.

4.    Degree of accessibility
In as much as you will be in need of said facilities for purposes of keeping unused items for an unspecified period, accessing the unit should not be an issue. You should give this particular factor some extra though especially when renting full-service storage units. Ensure the provider offers 24-hour access to the unit and inquire whether or not this includes the weekends especially on Sundays and holidays. Above all, you should rent a storage unit whose hours’ match or accommodate your availability.

5.    Location
A storage facility is like any other business building, and thus it is subject to the rules of real estate as is with the case of office spaces. So, you can find a storage facility in the heart of an urban area will cost more than that of a storage unit in a small town outside the city. Space in the city is often at a premium, and thus you are bound to save money if you opt to take a short drive out a storage unit located in a safe and secure area outside the city. But you also should take into account how many time you think you will visit the storage unit. If the visits are frequent, then you should consider the inconveniences of having to drive for a substantial distance and the costs of the same over the benefits of having a storage facility within your urban town.

6.    The level of security
The level of security offered by the storage facility should have you feeling confident that your belongings are safe. Some of the units will have high-quality doors that customers rent and keep closed using personal locks. Other facilities have advanced security systems in the doors, such as biometric scanners or password input systems or keycards. Besides the secure entry and locks, the storage facilities should have round the clock video monitoring (CCTV) as well as in-person surveillance (guards).

7.    Pricing
Keep in mind that the rental costs can vary substantially, even if for storage facilities located within the same area. The prices differ based on the size of the units, design, and features such as security surveillance. Moreover, most of these facilities are independently owned, and the owners set prices based on real estate market trends.  As such, it is wise to shop around before deciding to settle on a storage unit services provider.

Take note that some rental storage service providers have unusual payment plans that will take effect when you fail to make timely rental payments. In some instances, the payment terms can be very harsh with some of the facilities stating that they reserve the right to assess the rented unit and auction off the stored items to recoup their losses. Such a thing is something may not never wish to happen, but it is better to be aware of the actions the company will take when you are late on rent payment.

8.    Shop for deals
It is wise to appreciate the fact that most of the storage facilities will have several rentals available, and since they are keen on getting customers, they will run promotions to attract new clients. Never assume that what is advertised is what you get. You should inquire more about the services based on the advertisements they are running to ensure that what you get is as advertised.

Therefore, you should review the rental terms and ensure you fully understand the terms before you opt to rent the storage unit. It is better to as the provider to allow you to go with the contract for you to go over and then get back to the provider later; this way you can set several rental contract terms for different providers to see who offer the best deal and favorable conditions.

9.    Insurance
First off, you should make sure that the things you plan to store are insured, you can check your homeowner’s insurance to know what’s what. It is essential that you review and confirm this even as you also make sure that you rent a storage unit that has the proper insurance coverage. For instance, most of the insured storage facilities while offering features such as climate control, individual locks as well as round the clock surveillance.

You can as well opt to have what you plan to store insured, but you need to confirm with your insurer that they are willing to cover the items in storage. Some of the storage units services providers will offer insurance for the units as a separate deal, especially for customers that need their facilities for a long-term basis. And keep in mind that matters of insurance are often the responsibility of the customer and not the storage unit provider.

10.    Choose carefully
More often than not, we think of storage facilities when you have things that we still treasure and cannot do away with and thus are in need of a space where we can drop off the stuff. The “value” attachment we have with these belonging necessitates the need to pick the best storage space. If you have moved house or office, then you know that it is rarely enjoyable and the same applies to have to relocated stored items from one unit to the next.

As such, you should settle for a unit that offers all the features that meet your needs. It should be big enough to house your stuff, located in an ideal area that is safe, and it should be secure. If the storage space meets these parameters, then you are less likely to make a switch or shop around for a bigger or better storage unit. Therefore, you need to do some research and even consider taking things online to read reviews and know as much as you can about rental storage facilities and the various service providers within your town or city. If you are in need of storage units in Parker – Parkglenn Self Storage is a great option. We also recommend Monument Hill Self Storage – Storage Units in Monument, CO